Mr16 lenses

This linear spread lens for MRhalogen light bulbs produces asymmetrical light distribution. Spreading the beam of light in one axis, it leaves the light . MRlenses and MRLouvers are lighting accessories for both indoor MRlighting fixtures and outdoor MRlighting fixtures. Soften light output, diffuses the edges of the light, and eliminates hot spots!

Designed for all MRfixtures.

Soft focus lenses reduce lamp glare and blur the sharp lines of lamp images.

Spread Lens for MRLuminaries and Fixtures.

Beam Elongator – Replaces standard MRand MRtrack fixture lens. Model, Lamp, Color, Order Number. Enhance your outdoors with Hinkley Landscape Lighting. Use performance lenses to achieve . Dichroic lenses reflect unused wavelengths while passing wanted portions of spectrum. For MR, GU1 PARand Fluorescent shower trims.

L16-2D 90-l16-a 90-l16-b 90-l16-c 90-l16-cl 90-l16-cp 90-l16-f 90-l16-r . Not recommended for use with Aluminized Reflector MR16. See above chart for lamp compatibility. Clarolux Landscape Lighting manufactures American-made LED lenses and Louvers for exceptional outdoor lighting projects! PAR36VIOP – Dimpled PAR36AXOP – Linear PAR36DEOP – Frosted PAR36BLUE – Blue.

Track lighting Clear glass lens for use with low voltage MRbulbs. Show All Products MR11MR16MR8PAR20PAR30PAR38. Glass lens should also be removed when using MRLED lamps. Replaces the clear lens supplied with MRand MRtrack fixtures. Colored Lens Changes color of the light.

The Lumena frosted lens beautifully diffuses the light across a . Low iron glass transmits percent of the light. VBLRecessed Linear Fluorescent Slot Hybrid With Downlight Flush Lens Integral MRLED In- Lens Pinhole Aperture.